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The Real Estate Zone Week 3 NACA and Calls, Calls, Calls!!!

The Real Estate Zone Week 3 NACA and Calls, Calls, Calls!!!

The Real Estate Zone Week 3 was a jam packed show that featured Darren Duarte from NACA live in studio and Calls, Calls, Calls!!!

What a weekend last weekend turned out to be! It all started on Friday the first day of the NACA "Save-The-Dream" tour stop in San Diego at the San Diego Convention Center! I went down to meet the  founder and CEO, Bruce Marks and ended up meeting Linda who runs the show! She introduced me to Darren Duarte and we were off an running! I mentioned to them that I had filled out the volunteer form on the website and they informed me that they needed volunteers that day and I could sign up and start right there on the spot! While they are giving me the nickel tour, a gentleman takes the podium and thanks Litton Loan Servicing for modifying his mortgage and saving him $1,200 per month to his payment and he was going to be able to keep his home and it was no longer in foreclosure! I am telling you that you cannot be at one of these stops for any amount of time without it moving you emotionally! Every few minutes, another homeowner gets their loan modification approved and they save their home from sure foreclosure! It is absolutely electric there for homeowners, the NACA team, the lenders' employees and especially the volunteers!!! If you get a chance to volunteer and help your neighbors save their homes, I highly recommend it! It will be the experience of a lifetime!

I suggested that a friend of a client of mine go to the NACA tour stop in San Diego because she had been turned down by Chase for a loan modification and this is what she wrote to me after she arrived back home:

"I want to tell everyone too..:) I saddens me that there are so many people that lost their homes who could of actually saved them had the word been out. I am so blessed to have met you….I really don’t know what I would have done had you not told me about this program..and how crazy is it that it was this past weekend. I swear..I have always felt that I have a Guardian Angel that watches over me..:)"

On Saturday morning, I showed up for work and Linda took me to a large room where the self employed homeowners were working on their profit and loss statements and their qualifying worksheets. See, if you are self employed you are stuck in the same chasm or no win situation that we face each time we have a major mortgage crisis like we recently experienced and were unfortunately experiencing, this chasm is that when the economy is ticking along well there are stated income loans available that allow those of us that are self employed to obtain financing. Because we have chosen to take advantage of the tax code that incentivizes us to become self employed and to use the write offs we are allowed, we just do not qualify using full documentation qualifying for any loan let alone a loan modification. I want you to make sure you tell everyone you know about this part, NACA has a system that allows, for the first time in recent years, a self employed homeowner to qualify or at least have a fair chance to qualify for a loan modification! They let self employed homeowners use their last six months business bank statements and their profit and loss statements to qualify! This is huge and add to this that they teach self employed homeowners how to prepare their profit and loss statements that help them qualify and you have a grand slam home run that you should tell everyone you know about!!!

Saturday afternoon at 2pm I picked Darren Duarte up and drove him to the KFMB studios and we did our third show of The Real Estate Zone! We immediately had callers calling in and we did our best to get to as many as we could! It was awesome and one of the fastest hours I have ever lived! It was like a blur and man did we have a ball! Kurt Branstetter was able to help a homeowner that had multiple properties with his questions about refinancing, Darren helped a number of homeowners that had questions about loan modifications and what NACA could do for them and Trent was able to help a homeowner with short sale questions it was a great show and alot of fun as well!!! If you have a chance to catch our show at 3pm this Saturday on 760AM KFMB we will be covering more about loan modifications with Darren from NACA and he will have a special announcement exclusively on our program about NACA's upcoming schedule and you will not want to miss it! Kurt Branstetter will have a mortgage update for us including current rates and Rob Cartwright will have information for us about pests, termites and bed bugs! You will not want to miss this show!

Lastly, on Sunday, all day, I was able to go spend the day at the NACA tour stop at the San Diego Convention Center and I worked with dozens of self employed homeowners, many of whom had been called by friends who heard about NACA on our show! That warmed my heart to know that we were helping in our own small way! While I was at the NACA tour stop I witnessed many homeowners save their home from sure foreclosure and they saved $2,400, $2,600, $2,700 and even $3,200 per month to their old monthly payment! How awesome is that!

Today, as if that wasn't enough, this is what I received from the friend of my client that went to the NACA tour stop

                                       Carrie Edwards Testimonial for a Loan Modification with NACA


I wanted to share my experience I had with NACA and their San Diego Event . I am a self-employed Hairdresser

who works from her home. Due to a family medical emergency that occurred on January 2010 , I had fallen

behind on my mortgage payments. For eleven months I had been trying to get a Loan Modification, but all I

got was the runaround. I worked with counselors from Chase who helped me with my applications and I thought

I did everything that was needed to be approved. I was denied twice and payments were getting further behind

and I was getting worried that my home would fall into Foreclosure before anyone could help me.

A friend  who I had not seen in a couple years stopped by my home in May to tell me about the new home that her

and her husband had bought.  I told her that I was probably going to lose my home. She told me to contact

Mike Litton, that if anyone could help me he could. I called Mike and he said he would help me. I sent him my paper work

and on Thurs. June  9th Mike called me to say that he could not help me because I owed more than my home was worth

and I needed my Principal reduced to make it work . He said that I needed to go to the “NACA EVENT” that was going to

be at the Convention Center Friday June 10th-14th. So Sunday June 12th at 4:00 a.m. my boyfriend and I camped out in front

of the Convention Center waiting for the doors to open at 8:00 a.m.


This Event is one of the most organized events I have ever been too. The people are EXTREMELY nice and eager to help you.

They take you through Orientation first, then workshop, then web-submission, then you meet with a counselor, then an

individual counselor that you talk to on the phone, then a restructures proposal is  submitted to your bank server. If your

numbers and budget look good then you wait for a proposal from your bank and NACA. If you like the offer then the

final paper work is documented and you will receive your payment booklet within two business days. It took me one and

half days to complete everything. I talked to a lot of people that said it had taken them 4 days. Everyone is different. I

recommend people go the first day, not wait until the last. Some people flew from other states that had not completed

their paper work when the event was in their home town.


Before I received my new Mortgage Modification I was paying including tax and insurance $2,440.60  a month at a

2.7% interest rate.


Now I have a 2% for 25 years and my loan is based on what my home is valued at today which is $255,000.00.

I owe $600,000.00. I will have a balloon payment of $345,000.00 in 2036, but I can either double up on my payments

or refinance. I will be 70 years old at that time. I want to enjoy life now and not be tied down to a mortgage payment where

I can’t go or do anything.



$1059.00 a month. Unbelievable!!!


I am so grateful to have had Mike Litton come into my life and share this AMAZING PROGRAM with me. I highly recommend

It to everyone and anyone who is behind and wants to save their “American Dream”




Carrie Edwards


 Pretty good weekend huh?

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The Real Estate Zone Week 3 NACA and Calls, Calls, Calls!!!
The Real Estate Zone Week 3 NACA and Calls, Calls, Calls!!! The Real Estate Zone Week 3 was a jam packed show that featured Darren Duarte from NACA live in studio and Calls, Calls, Calls!!! What a weekend last weekend turned out to be!… more